Translations from the Internet (Machine Translation)

If you have ever made use of one of the countless online translating services and, for example, seeking a German translation for It’s raining cats and dogs, been given: Es regnet Katzen und Hunde, then you will have doubtless experienced disillusion with the false promises of the automatic translator.

This kind of automatic translation is made possible by specially-developed software and multilingual databases containing words and phrases, it can only be used in a very limited way to give a very approximate idea of the content of a text.

Although texts of all kinds and any length can be automatically “translated” by such machine translation programmes, these translations are very poor because the machine’s choice of grammar structure and of vocabulary is so imprecise that it frequently results in ambiguity and incoherence. Using a translation service of this kind can seriously damage its user’s image and can actually entail greater expense in the long run.

The developers of such programmes themselves point out their limited reliability and they are doing their best to produce more efficient tools to aid translation, tools which will eventually enable a significant improvement in productivity and quality, in speed of performance, and in coherence and accuracy.

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