Quality Control throughout the Workflow

First-Class Texts - First Impressions Count

Being in a position to compete can no longer be taken for granted in today's markets where globalisation is becoming an ever-stronger force. To remain a global player, or to become one, many companies must ensure that their documentation and correspondence are of a standard to compete in the global market-place. The immediate consequences of this world-wide competition are, amongst other things, continually-growing demands for the improved performance and specialist skills of translators and linguists in order to maintain, or indeed improve, the quality of their translations.

In order to meet these present challenges and the demand for first-class quality, we employ a tried and tested procedure which consists of a series of proven quality control measures geared to guarantee top-quality translations.

Every translation order is processed as follows:

  • Analysis of the original text; where necessary, clarification and/or research is carried out. Company-specific terminology is taken over.
  • Translation by one of our specialist translators. The appropriate translator is selected from our team of specialists, (our graduate native-speakers have also undertaken further language studies). Our regular clients always have the same translator working on their texts, this is especially important for up-dates and additions as it enables the work to be speeded-up and serves as an additional quality guarantee with regard to the style and consistency of the text
  • Specialist proofreading and comprehensive three-step check: any necessary corrections are made after proofreading; use of company-specific terminology, format and layout are checked; feedback is requested from client.
  • Translation is stored, terminology is stored in database and/or translation memory is up-dated

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