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There are customers for whom the cost and speed of a translation are decisive, and who only measure value by quantity. There are also translation companies who set store on providing inexpensive translating services and who make their profit by resorting to having their translations done by dubious translating sources in economically weaker countries. Translating is a profession and, as a rule, should not be entrusted to "dabblers", amateurs or learners.

Knowing this, it is easy to understand the reason for the difference in price. A really good translation cannot be done on the cheap. However, this is too often only realised too late when the translation turns out to be a very bad one and irreparable harm has been done.

We regard our transparent pricing policy as very important. We calculate the cost of a translation according to the number of standard lines in the final translation. Our clients are thus able to estimate the cost in advance or check the accuracy of the final invoice either by using the EasyCount programme, which we also use, or simply by using the Microsoft counting option (click on Extra).

If you want to work out the length of your original test or calculate the cost of its translation, you should take into account the fact that because text length differs according to language and text type the cost of the final text may vary somewhat from your estimate.


The cost advantages of our translating services

  • Free quote
  • No handling fee and fixed prices
  • No transmitting or delivery charges, unless a courier service is used
  • 10% discount on your first order
  • Reductions for regular customers and/or for high volume and follow-on orders
  • One standard line consists of 55 keystrokes, including spaces
  • There is a surcharge of 25% on express orders - (delivery within 12 hours, according to text length)
  • Standard line price does not include VAT
  • Our general terms and conditions apply


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