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Officially certified translation / notarised translation

The signed confirmation of a Notary Public authorised in Switzerland that a translation has been made by a translation agency or by a translator recognised in Switzerland. This process requires the personal appearance of the translator before the certifying notary in order to certify the translator’s signature.

In this way, a translation which has been made in Switzerland and certified by a Notary Public authorised in Switzerland is officially recognised throughout Switzerland.

A notarised translation confirms that it is a true translation. This certification is made by a notary, in some cantons by it may also be made by the Cantonal Administrative Office.

A recognised translation agency

Übersetzungsbüro, das in einem kantonalen Handelsregister eingetragen ist, den Firmensitz in der Schweiz hat und dem Schweizerischen Recht untersteht.

Foreign documents

Foreign documents which are required to be presented to Swiss authorities must be translated into one of the official national languages. Documents which have been translated in another country are only recognised in Switzerland if they have been internationally legalised by the relevant foreign authority.

Legalisation / International Legalisation / Further certification / Apostille

Translations which are made in Switzerland and which are destined for a foreign country must be internationally certified. A notarised translation requires further international certification, member states of the Hague Convention are further certified by means of an apostille, all other countries require legalisation which means that such documents must be submitted to the relevant consulate.

This process requires the following steps:

  • the translation is certified as a true translation
  • the translation is officially notarised
  • it is legalised or given an Apostille stamp, according to the requirements of the country for which the document is needed

Translations may be: documents; references/testimonials/educational records; contracts; official documents; certificates; confirmations/acknowledgements; court decisions.

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